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RS485 Modbus, Limitation on Number Of Slaves
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Posted by Sagar on 10 November, 2002 - 3:04 pm
Want to know the Theoritical & Practical Mimitation on RS485 Modbus Communication Length & Number OF Slaves a Master Can Handle.

Posted by M. Harisman - Integra Teknik on 11 November, 2002 - 5:25 pm
The limitation will come from the RS-485 network, and not from Modbus protocol run on it.

The maximum Nodes on one RS-485 network is 32. Maximum distance will depend on the applied speed as well as the cable type.

The maximum Modbus Slaves per one multi-drop network is 255.

For complete overview on RS-485 interface, you could visit :
"": pecs.htm
" s/microsys_art_RS485.pdf": ces/images/documents/microsys_art_RS485.pdf

For technical resource on Modbus protocol, you could visit :

M. Harisman harisman(AT)

Posted by Mike McCafferty on 14 November, 2002 - 6:07 pm
For MODBUS, VALID slave addresses are 0-247, where 0 is for broadcast.

The maximum also depends on the PHYSICAL network.

For RS485 networks, depending on the design, a "typical" maximum is 32 nodes, however, with proper design this can be increased. Also, buffer transceivers can be used to extend the network.


Posted by Michael on 27 November, 2002 - 5:27 pm
You may have up to 256 RS-485 nodes with 1/8 impediance transceivers. Many manufactures produce these today (try Maxim or TI).


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