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Posted by Surya Girinatha on 5 February, 2004 - 1:44 pm
Hi all,

My name is Surya Girinatha. I'm an EE student in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. I'm very interested in OO control system, but I'm a total greenhorn in it.
Problem: we have a small distributed control system using several Schneider's PLCs here. The PLCs are connected using FIPWAY protocol. There's one PC based process server which connect the system to the LAN using Schneider's software Monitor OCS.

I'd like to upgrade the system since it's too vendor oriented and hard to be integrated with other control system.

Here's the question: I plan to connect the system to CORBA bus to guarantee interoperability. As I understand, the first step is to build a PLC wrapper object. Is that as simple as writing a PLC driver to access the PLCs from one server (e.g. MODBUS driver) and map it to CORBA's IDL? Do you have any advisable resources regarding this matter?

Many thanks in advance.


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