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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Yokogawa ACM12
communicating with ACM12 via MOdbus protocol to Proface touchscreen

Hi, Good Day.

I need to communicate to ACM12 via MOdbus protocol to Proface touchscreen. I need more information (Specification, cable diagrams for RS422/485) for ACM12.

Hi, Good Day.

whether you have communicated proface hmi with acm12 successfully.
please tell about the system performance. Is communication failure is happening?.

please mail me at dineshbatt [at] gmail [dot] com

Dinesh, your email address is not valid.....

Hi all,

i also want to communicate to Yokogawa DCS (Centum CS R30)via the ACM12 card. My data will be coming from a RTU with modbus capability, RS232 port. for me to to connect to ACM12 in a multi-drop architecture, i will be converting from RS 232 to RS 422 then to the ACM12, hooked to the DCS. get data through modbus, then create tags on the DCS. then display the values in graphics. Also connect it to PI Process Book.

(i have just designed the architecture, will soon be implementing it and i feel it will work)

My questions are:

Has any one does this Before? please share your idea with me.

What else can i do?

How can i achieve this?

hope to see your reply as soon as possible
warm regards.