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MODBUS Communication between RS485 device to Honeywell Experion DCS
MODBUS communication via terminal server to a Experion DCS getting overloaded after communicating six cards.
By Vikas Patil on 26 July, 2011 - 6:00 am

I am trying a MODBUS communication between RS485 device and Experion DCS via Systech terminal server and MODBUS Channel created at Experion DCS.
I configured all the details controllers and points in my DCS and the communication is healthy up to 5 cards.After hooking sixth card the communication percentage error is increasing.
All this cards i tested individually with MODSCAN32 and giving data without an error.

CARD Details : CE-01 Gas Detection System
DCS: Honeywell Experion R311

Please suggest if any other consideration to make it healthy.