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Thursday, September 19, 2019
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PowerWizard 1.0 Modbus Communication
Communication between PowerWizard 1.0 with SCADA on Modbus

Good Day All,

We have a two gensets with PowerWizard 1.0 and PowerWizard 1.1+ control panels installed. We need to monitor the generators data in control room on HMI.

We need to communicate the generator control panel with existing SCADA on Modbus. We are planning to use AX140100 CAN to Modbus converter by Axiomatic to convert the data of generators from CAN to Modbus and further reading the Modbus data on HMI.

Please help me to configure the CAN to Modbus converter in above scenario as there is no help found on Internet. Anyone with hands on experience... Please guide...

Jawad Rasool

Hi there,

Did you get it working? I am looking for the same solution. I am no sure about the CAN-Modbus converter yet, but I have also a Power Wizard 1.1+ and I need to get some data from it.

Maybe you could tell me about your experience.
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards