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Connecting a 3500/22M Card
Connecting a TDI 3500/22M card without MODBUS interface

Dear All

I have BN 3500, last day i found problem with communication card TDI.

I removed this card and I put new one, but new one doesn't have Modbus connection. the vendor provides with this new card cable USB A/USB B to connect with laptop.

I used BN 3500 SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION to connect with rack, but I don't know how to connect with it using this cable provided with this new card.

Please advise me.

Please help me

TDI card can't configure the Modbus communication. It's only for interface system One and Laptop (Bently Software). But for Modbus Communication you should be use Modbus COM (3500/92 Communication Gateway).

Or if you want to connect with TDI card, it's very simple just you should be choose Direct mode. It's mean by USB cable or Network mode it's mean by IP address.

In the case when you connect but can't upload the program, that mean you have malfunctioning card 3500/40 or others.