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Modbus Library in MATLAB
Want to communicate between controller and MATLAB via Ethernet cable using Modbus over Ethernet


I want to communicate with UDC2500 Honeywell controller with Matlab via Ethernet cable. The UDC2500 setups on the process training system (TE3300) which works with Modbus over Ethernet protocol. This system has a software (specview). I analyse the packets via wireshark. I found that the TE3300 works with TCP/IP, Modbus, Modbus/TCP and some other protocols. Matlab has the command to connect with TCP/IP protocol but it hasn't any commands for Modbus. I need a library for Modbus and Modbus/TCP.

I thanks you a lot if you help me.

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Hello reza_Hdr,

Matlab has no ready to use Modbus instruction in its library but it is possible to develop in m-code, you will find program sample at Matlab Answer of Below just one sample from Matlab answer that you can start to develop your own code with :

Other idea are to use 3rd party Modbus OPC server software such as KEPServer or Matrikon as a gateway between Matlab and the Modbus devices, Matlab will read and write to the Modbus OPC server using one of two possible methods below :

1. Use OPCLink toolbox to acquire data from OPC server:

2. From Simulink you can use library of OPC Configuration, OPC Read, or OPC Write block

Hope this helps

Hi my friend

You have been extremely supportive. I downloaded both Matrikon and Kepware OPC server for UDC2500 as you said and install them on my computer. I am sure that I used my device IP address and port number correctly, but when I run the OPC explorer to see my items in Matrikon, it doesn't recognize them at all. In Kepware fortunately it identifies all the items and categorize them in some groups but the quality of some group's items is still bad. I checked the communication settings and kepsever settings hundred times. But still I got message:

"Device 'Chanel. Device' with ID 'IP address' is not responding"

I also send an email to Kepware Help Center but they said your Device configuration is probably wrong.

Here is the link of my device:

Thank You.