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Monday, March 27, 2017
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Modbus and Media Converter
Make a Modbus Bus in two regions by use of optic connection between them.


I faced a situation in a project as below:

there are 3 energy meters (EDMI MK6E) in a power plant, and there are also 5 energy meters (EDMI MK6E) in the substation of power plant in 300 meters distance. I want to make a Modbus bus with all 8 energy meters.

first i make a bus with 3 meters in the power plant, and then i convert the signal to optical by use of an appropriate media converter. then i transmit the optical signal to the substation, and reconvert it to copper mode, and make another bus with 5 meters in the substation (all meters would be in one bus). after that i convert the output again to optical domain and transmit it to the upper substation by fiber optic.

I want to know that is this approach possible?