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Controlling PC from mobile phone using VB
How to communicate between mobile phone and PC via comport in VB?


My name's huong. I'm doing my final year thesis about controling PC from mobile phone in Visual Basic. In my model, I use a mobile phone connected to PC at a com port via data cable. The problem I face is how to communicate between mobile phone and PC via comport in VB. Please help me!

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What exactly do you want to do? Control modem in your phone or communicate with your phone application?


Go to and ceck out a product called Wi-Admin.

Maybe what you need.

Contact me for code.

I can only guess what you are trying to control
- are you planning later to send a message via mobile to the PC to do some control action
- use the mobile instead of the KB
- or make the mobile send messages from a PC screen?

VB has a control MSCOMM which you can use code like mscomm.input or mscomm.output to read/write to the serial port. if your mobile understands AT commands, you can use this to send/receive sms messages. look for it under one of the VB samples.

U cannot do is while using modem of mobile.

Hi Berz,

Could you explain a little why not? I did an automation application before with a GSM modem and SMS messaging. But i thought the modems are quite costly. I'm thinking of using a used mobile phone with data capability next time. e.g. Siemens S35. I can use it dial up to the internet. So I figured I can also use it to substitute a GSM modem, using AT commands to send SMS messages back and forth from the PLC to the PC. Do you see any problems?

hi augstine,

as u said u have worked with gsm modem before. can u suggest any company that gives gsm for academic purpose at less cost? if there is any such company plz let me know.


i am Deepak. it's my 6th semester in BIT (bachelor in inforation technology). I am doing a project to communicate a mobile and a pc too. so plz if if u got some tips and share me too, i will be greatful towards u.

By krishnakant on 8 December, 2004 - 10:40 pm

I am doing a vb project on mobile to pc communication using AT commands thru a serial cable. If you get something can u pls help me?

I did this with a demo last year using MSCOMM. After you detect the DTMF you send it through a subroutine. You can get the AT commands from the modem with the AT/? commands.

Yes, that's easyyyyyy

I can control my PC using sms phone like: shutdown, restart, etc. you just need Nokia SDK 3.0 and VB6 and (DKU-5 cable or DKU-2 cable or IrDa or Bluetooth) there are a lot of examples over there (using NOKIA SDK 3.0).

so, you just need to send sms to your mobile phone(one which is connected to your PC) and the VB application will read your message and parsing it.

So your PC is on your hand. Good luck.

By still study on 31 January, 2005 - 5:58 pm


can u send me the example of project u have build using VB6? or can u tell me how to build it step by step?

I need the sample of vb program.

i have done a project which i can control my house using SMS message. there is some nice ActiveX component in vb6 u can using it to controlling your pc using the mobile and also it use the COM port. but u have to be careful because if u have a big project u need to do some multi threading module and as u know vb6 is not supported for MTA but be sure that there is a way to do it.

can u pls send me a source code to be test?

best regards

Can you please send me Source code for AT command and SMS sending throgh VB with TataIndicom phone (It is connected in Serial Port)?



You can visit and use vbsms to relove this problem.

By Thai Huy Chuong on 3 March, 2005 - 11:08 pm

You have choice.

1. Use Nokia SDK3.0. you find
2. Use GSM modem and MScom of vb6.0


if any one tell me how to receiving sms from cell phone to pc using VB it's very usefull for me to my final year project.

you can visit and use VbSms - a ocx of send and revice sms via your cell phone, it is write using VB6.

hi everybody,

i m dinesh final year BTech student. i want to use any phone signal to control my parallel port, can any body tell me how to do this in VB 6.0 or c or c++. mail me any detail or anything at i shall be really thankful to you. PLZZ HELP ME OUT. I have to submit my project soon. thanx