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Modbus TCP Settings
What are the parameters to put in ASE2000?

I am a beginner in MODBUS protocol and I am asking for anybody to help me how to set the parameter settings for ASE2000 Modbus TCP protocol.

Because we have here an Intellisaw CAM4 Reader/HMI that reads temperature from the field and this CAM4/Reader has MODBUS protocol, However, we can't get the data from CAM 4 Reader/HMI in our SCADA System using ASE2000 Communication Test Set.

What should I put in the following parameters:
Pt Adrs-
Trans Id-
Or where can i find this parameter

Is the temperature is for Holding registers?

I am counting on your help.

Thank you in advance.

Can you provide a link to the communications manual for the CAM4/reader?

One issue might be that the spec for the ASE2000 Version 2 says that it supports "Modbus serial (RTU and ASCII)" and the tab on hardware shows USB and serial ports, not Ethernet ports. If the slave is really Modbus/TCP, then you have a hardware mismatch and will need to serial/ethernet converter.

Are you asking how to use the ASE2000?

By Modbus TCP Settings on 12 September, 2017 - 4:01 am

Hello David,

Thank you for your input and apologies for the late reply.

the ASE 2000 that i'm using supports Modbus RTU, TCP, and ASCII so I use Modbus TCP.

The slave device has an ethernet port, which we use to transfer the device configuration from pc to the device. however, when i use this ethernet port for Modbus tcp for polling the device, I cannot establish communication.

Maybe the parameters i'm using in Modbus TCP are wrong for polling temperature reading in the slave device.

if you can provide your e-mail, I will send you the device manual.