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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Woodward GW4
Recieve data via Modbus using GW4

Hello all!

I need some help!

Does anybody know (or where to find) is it possible to receive parameters from Woodward converter GW4 (connected to panel AMG2 via CAN bus, which is controlling the gas generator Wilson PG1250B1) via modbus RTU? I need to do visualization some of it to SCADA Proficy Plant Edition. I did not found any protocol description.

Thank you.

Do you have the part number for the GW4?

The technical manual is available on site.
The manual number is 37360

Thank you for reply.

On the display of GW4: Software version V2.0018 LDP

2. Is it possible to config GW4 to modbus (do i need LeoPC1?) or we need to buy, for example, GW4B/RS485+MOD?

Thank you for the part number.

You may not be able to configure through software, I am confirming that now. The part number for Modbus 485 is: 8445-1004 or 8445-1019

There is an off the shelf converter, the proconx GCP-MG ( that supplies CAN to Modbus.

Thank you.