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Modbus communication error


I am trying to send some information from my laptop which has a Modbus TCP IP simulator to the Siemens CPU ET200SP 6ES7512-1DK01-0AB0. I have connected the ethernet cable to port having hardware ID 67, and the other end of the cable is connected to the ethernet port of my laptop.

so basically i want to activate some values on the Modbus simulator software. then i want these values to be saved in the plc datablock. the error occurring is 809B. I have checked the ip address is correct.

If you have connected to the CPU programming port, I believe it will be looking for Profibus and Profinet protocols - one of the four Communication Modules will give you Modbus protocol (RTU) although at RS232/485 not ethernet.

Sorry that sounds like you have no idea about this CPU.

In the S5-1500 you will have to use MB-CLIENT or MB-SERVER function depending on who will be server or client.