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Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Modbus Function 16
New to modbus World and i need help regarding function 3, 4, 16

Hi, I'm new to modbus world.

Thank you in advance, I know that this some have a solution to my problem.

I have two slaves that communicate with a twido plc using Modbus RTU, and i want to read and write some registers in those slaves. the problem is that those registers are Float, like temperation and setpoint.

Moderator's Note: I think temperation maybe temperature.

for example, in the list of the modbus registers, i want to read the temperation that has two registers 0x3 and 0x4 and they say it's a float register. also i want to write a setpoint that has also two registers 0x101 and 0x102.

for reading the registers, i configure the macros and everything. i thought that, if the registers are float and the response are words, i have to use the function ''CONCATW'' to concatenate two words to a single doubleword. then convert this doubleword to floatword. Am i doing it right? if not how can i do that in twidosuite?

Thank you in advance

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