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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Remote Monitoring Device
Method to remotely monitor digital and analog inputs

I'm looking for a simple device that would have a couple of DI's and hopefully an AI or two. This is simply for alarm monitoring. I've done this many times in the past with various methods including SCADA system or alarm dialer call outs and cell modem texting.

This case is a little different as the owner already has internet connection. We don't need the full fledged router or cell modem options. Simply monitor the single DI (to start with) and when it goes high or low, send an email.

Typically I'd do this kind of thing with a PLC but usually it's a bit more involved than this. Looking for canned solutions, I've found a lot of options, but they're all still overkill for the application. I'm looking for a pretty simple solution here. Any ideas?


If you feel adventurous you could do something like this with an Arduino + Modbus library.

A simple Modbus Library + Raspberry PI/Arduino board is sufficient.

In my view, a developer should not write too many lines of code for communicating with devices.

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By peterblokhuis on 6 January, 2019 - 9:09 pm

Our company (Gizmo Engineering) has simple alarm boxes that definitely qualify as a "canned" solution at a reasonable price point. Three digital inputs and 3 outputs including a relay to activate your autodialer.

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