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Modbus Master and Slave Communication Fails
Using Modbus but connection is not successful between master and slave

Hi All

We are working on custom platform based on RZ/G1E. We need to test RS485 which is configured for HSCIF2.
Now using current Renesas Serial driver "drivers/tty/serial/sh-sci.c".

Our board will be a master and am using Modbus slave application on PC. But i am not receiving any data on master side from slave
Now we are using a MODBUS application from the below link.

In application, there are certain flags like SER_RS485_ENABLED are being issued. But in our sc-shi.c driver file these flags are not used/supported. So we think since the flags are not supported, we are unable to read the data properly even after setting the correct slave id in application.

Please provide your input.